White Rose Game Room Show - York, PA October 13, 2001

Pictures from the 2002 Show are Here

Pictures from the 2003 Show are Here

York, PA is about a 2 1/2 hour drive west of Philadelphia.  It is actually a bit closer to the Washington/Baltimore area than the Philly area, so the draw for the show is a bit more southern than the Allentown show, which can draw from the New York area also.  The show ran Friday, Saturday and Sunday (12th thru 14th)

The show bills itself as a "Game Room" show, but it was strictly a pinball show.  There was an odd jukebox or two and a few table top videos, but the main draw was pinball.  The show is held at the York Fairgrounds in a decent size building.   There was plenty of parking, however you have better had liked hot dogs if you wanted to eat.  There was a small concession in the corner of the hall that was doing a brisk business all day.

I did an informal count of the machines at around noon on Saturday and came up with 105.  The majority were for sale, however there were a few pristine "just for playing" machines present also.  The majority of machines were 1985 and later vintage, with very few duplicates.  There were two Bally Harley-Davidson's, two Dr. Who's and three Addams Family's, but that was about it for the dupes.  A good smattering of early Gottlieb System 1 and System 80 machines, plus a couple of Williams System 6 machines.  Still not enough for my taste, but better than most other shows.  A decent amount of EMs also, and a couple of bingos.

The condition of most of the machines was "good".  Nothing to write home about, but very few trashed machines.  The flea market was another story, there were only about 5 vendors present with very little available.  Nothing like this spring's Allentown show.  Same for the inside vendors.  No Mayfair or PBR, so you were out of luck if you were looking for parts.  (note - the Chicago show was on the same weekend, and I've been told this limited the amount of vendors).

I came to play pinball, and I was not disappointed!  I would say I played at least 70 games in the 5 hours I was at the show.  I finally had to leave because my right hand had cramped up from so many flipper shots!

Overall I would rate the show in the very good to excellent range.  Unless you were coming for the flea market or parts, you should have had a great time.  I'll be back next year! 

I arrived at about 9:30 (1/2 before the posted opening), but they were letting people in, so I was able to get a good bunch of shots without too many folks.  The placed filled up quite quickly and every machine had a player on it by noon.

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The 2 P2K titles, RFM and SWE1 Bally Playbody and Gottlieb Sure Shot Data East Checkpoint (very dirty) and Gottlieb Streetfighter 2 Bally Addams Family (note the German text), Sega Lethal Weapon 3 and Capcom Airborne Avenger. A pair of Williams EMs, Moulin Rouge and Rancho Bally Monte Carlo, Williams Firepwoer and Big Guns.
Williams Fire!, CFTBL and Demolition Man Two early Gottlieb SS machines, the Increadible Hulk and the Amazing Spider Man Bally Fireball Classic and Gottlieb AbraCabra Unkown Gottlieb EM and Aces High Williams Blackjack (early 60s styling!) and Gottlieb Contest Williams Fun House, Black Knight 2000 and No Fear
Stern Monopoly and NFL Ravens Williams HS II and Fish Tales Williams Medieval Madness and No Good Gofers Bally Dr. Who and Williams Rollergames Bally The Addams Family and Williams Space Station Bally Harley-Davidson and Sega Harley-Davidson
Bally Dr. Who and Data East Star Trek Sega The Lost World and Williams Junkyard Bally Party Zone and Judge Dredd, Williams Whirwind Williams Blackout and Bally Addams Family Williams Bad Cats and Bally Champion Pub rec.games.pinball
Gottlieb Solar Ride Bally Twilight Zone Gottlieb Magnatron (4 player version of Duotron) Bally Black Rose and Stern Striker Extreme Gottlieb King of Diamonds and Bally Captain Fantastic Two Bally Bingos
Half of the Flea Market The other half of the flea market View of the Hall
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